Revenue Management

Revenue Management

We work hard to ensure our properties can increase revenue and reach weekly and monthly sales goals by implementing proven revenue management strategies. Our team analyzes market demand, historical trends, city-wide trends, and destination-specific trends to predict revenue potential and tap into all lucrative opportunities.

Our Approach
Part of our strategy involves analyzing competitive pricing to ensure each property can perform at its fullest potential in a given market. We measure success by growing market share year-over-year and exceeding RevPAR goals.

Our revenue management processes and philosophies allow us to be consistent but flexible – we are here to meet your business’s unique needs and are focused on implementing programs that help individual hotels maximize all revenue opportunities.

Revenue Management Enhancement
We strive to maximize RevPAR at our properties and we understand the importance of selling at the right price to the right customer. We provide assistance to property-level revenue management teams to find just the right pricing mix to maximize revenue and compete in today’s turbulent economy.

Revenue Management Training Programs
Driftwood has developed comprehensive revenue management training programs that empower hotel associates to evaluate revenue goals and opportunities from a ‘demand/supply’ perspective. We have designed computerized programs that work directly with Central Reservations to communicate the best rate and availability on a daily basis. These programs allow us to produce comprehensive reports that compare results, forecasts, budgets, and performance history accurately. Our ‘RevMax’ tool is a simple but effective tool for managing daily, weekly, and future revenue goals and objectives with a high level of accuracy.